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What Is A PRP Treatment For The Face?

Kim Kardashian called it the “vampire facial” which, we feel, gave it something like a bad rap. You aren’t bathing in virgin’s blood, you aren’t even injecting someone else’s blood into your body, you’re just trying to give your skin the good nutrients it needs to look and feel great. So when PRP treatments for… Read more

The Real Results of The Vampire Facelift Before and After

Vampire facials aren’t just the next wacky skin trend. It’s not the equivalent of a microderm or a chemical peel and it isn’t going to go away tomorrow. Some refer to them as “the vampire facelift,” but their medical name describes them as a “PRP treatment for the face.” Since it’s a fast healing process… Read more

The Most Common Myths About One of The Best Anti-Aging Products: Botox

Botox has a bad rap. Unfortunately, when most people think of Botox, they think of share or some other woman that has ebbed away from her real face and now looks like a tapestry of age treating projects gone-wrong. There are a litany of myths that surround Botox and make people blink when you proclaimed… Read more

The Botox Basics

The basics of Botox are lost on most people. We’d wager that if we walked out on the street and attempted to ask a couple of passers-by what they thought Botox was, they’d get it wrong. There are a whole slew of myths that surround the procedure and fill people with curiosity or fear and… Read more

What Is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is a popular treatment method throughout the medical community. It has the ability to treat a variety of conditions and with its new celebrity attention, it’s gained some reputation for being able to cure hangovers. There’s also a variety of celebrities that use IV Therapy for beauty regimens. Its immensely fast-growing popularity aside,… Read more

Does IV Therapy Beauty Work?

While the concept surrounding IV Therapy is relatively simple, it’s hard to wrap your head around how exactly that can be applied to the beauty industry. Sure, Nicole Kidman’s skin is artificially glowy and supposedly Parisian women never look tired simply because their skin care regimens are that good, but is any of that real?… Read more

What is Fractora Acne Treatment?

It’s the acne treatment no one is raving about and everyone should know about. For folks that have tried everything from Clearasil to experimental pharmaceutical drugs that you have to get blood work for every month, they’re probably tired of being pandered to about “the next biggest acne cure.” They’re probably as tired of more… Read more

What is Juvederm?

Plenty of folks prefer to call a variety of dermal fillers, including Juvederm, “Liquid Facelifts.” We think that’s somewhat of a false equivalent, mostly because a liquid filler is more natural than using a chip clip to pin back your extra skin and relieve your countenance of wrinkles. Juvederm is a liquid filler, but it’s… Read more