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What Is IV therapy?

Intravenous vitamin therapy (also known as intravenous micronutrient therapy) is an increasingly popular form of alternative treatment that involves administering vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream by means of an IV drip.

This method of delivery bypasses the digestive system, allowing for more efficient absorption of nutrients compared to oral supplementation. Alternative medicine practitioners use IV therapy to target a variety of health and wellness needs, including:

  • Replenishing hydration
  • Restoring vitamin & nutrient levels
  • Assisting in the recovery from illness or jet lag
  • Providing relief from a hangover
  • Revitalizing your overall well-being
  • Cosmetically refreshing your appearance

What Is the Purpose of IV Vitamin Therapy?

The purpose of IV vitamin therapy is to deliver crucial fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, and medications in the fastest manner possible to restore optimum immune system support and hydration.

The fluid absorbed in your bloodstream by means of IV drips has 100% efficiency when compared to the approximately 50-60% or less absorption from oral intake. This rapid absorption rate can help promote a faster recovery.

IV fluid treatments are a lifeline for hospitals and emergency care centers, providing fast-acting relief in just 30 to 45 minutes with noticeable effects nearly instantaneously.

We’ve taken this core service from the clinical setting into your home, hotel, or office environment so that you can experience an immediate restoration of wellness through maximum convenience and comfort.

The Process of IV Therapy in Flushing, NY

It is only natural to be curious about what will occur when you receive IV therapy. Below you will find what happens during a typical session.

  1. Before your procedure, your healthcare professional will choose a vein to insert the cannula.
  2. The area will then be sanitized with a wipe before a fine needle attached to the cannula will be inserted. An adhesive tape may also be used to hold the cannula in place.
  3. Once the cannula is in place, the tubing connected to an IV bag will be used to allow intravenous access to the fluids.
  4. To guarantee a smooth infusion process free of pain or inflammation, your healthcare professional will routinely monitor the cannula and IV line.
  5. Once finished, they’ll carefully disconnect the tubing from the cannula before unhooking it from your vein.
  6. Afterward, pressure is applied to slow any bleeding, and a cotton may be used with adhesive tape to dress up the insertion wound area for additional protection during recovery.

Common Cocktails Medical Professionals Use for IV Therapy

There are various cocktails used for IV Therapy. The most common intravenous nutrient therapy used is Myer’s cocktail.

Myer’s Cocktail

Myer’s cocktail is named after John Myers, who was the first doctor to administer this IV treatment in the 1970s. It includes high doses of:

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

Other Types of IV Vitamin Therapies

There are other types of IV vitamin therapies. They include the following:

  • IV magnesium sulfate for acute asthma can be used to help treat asthma.
  • IV selenium for acute respiratory distress syndrome can help critically ill patients who need mechanical ventilation.
  • IV vitamin C can be administered in high doses to those living with cancer. However, further research studies are needed to prove the effectiveness of this treatment.

Benefits of IV Therapy in Flushing, NY

The main benefits of IV vitamin therapy in Flushing, NY include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Better skin health & appearance
  • Enhanced overall wellness
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Corrected vitamin deficiencies or imbalances
  • Optimum dosing based on the specific needs of your body
  • Provides a suitable alternative to oral supplements if you cannot ingest them or have not responded to them and need nutrition support therapy.

Side Effects of IV Therapy

If you’re considering IV therapy, it is essential to consult a qualified specialist who can minimize potential risks and monitor your body’s response since the procedure may lead to side effects. Vitamin IV therapy has been associated with the following side effects:

  • Bleeding or bruising at the insertion site
  • Swelling
  • Rashes

To avert any adverse side effects, it is imperative to give your healthcare provider a comprehensive overview of all medications and supplements you are taking, as well as past reactions that may have occurred.

Risks and Complications of IV Infusion Therapy

Risks and complications of IV infusion therapy can include:

  • Infection at the injection site
  • Allergic reaction to the adhesive tape
  • Vein inflammation and bruising
  • Air embolism
  • Blood clots

If you have heart disease or kidney disease, you may not be an eligible candidate for this therapy.

Learn If IV Therapy Is Right for You

Overall, IV vitamin therapy is a safe and effective way to improve overall health and wellness. To ensure that you are receiving the best possible care for your individual needs, schedule an appointment at Dr. Bronfman Beauty in Flushing, NY today! Our experts are ready to answer any other questions you may have.


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Health insurance usually does not cover the cost of IV therapy. You will most likely need to pay out of pocket.

The amount of time that the effects last will vary from person to person. The results usually last about three to four days. However, sometimes effects can last up to two weeks after receiving treatment.

While IV therapy should not hurt, you will feel a slight pinch when the needle is inserted.



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