A woman who has undergone Votive vaginal rejuvenation in Flushing, NY.

Vaginal Rejuvenation in Flushing, NY

Vaginal rejuvenation consists of non-surgical and surgical treatments designed to make the skin around your vagina firmer or tighten your vaginal canal. It has helped many women with feminine health issues, such as:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Vaginal laxity

Like many women, you may be hesitant to have vaginal surgery to receive the desired results. However, you may find comfort in knowing that there is a non-invasive treatment that can help!

What is Votiva and How Does it Work?

Votiva is a revolutionary vaginal rejuvenation treatment that helps women restore and improve their intimate health.

This non-invasive treatment for femininity utilizes two unique devices — FormaV (gentle thermal tissue remodeling) and FractoraV (fractional radio-frequency contraction) — to heat the internal and external vaginal tissue and stimulate collagen production.

The result is a tightening of the muscles and a reduction in laxity associated with childbirth, menopause, and aging. Votiva also helps improve sexual satisfaction and pleasure by promoting improved blood flow to the vaginal area. Votiva treatment offers immediate results and continued improvements over time.

Common Concerns that Votiva Can Assist With

If you live in or around Flushing, NY, Votiva can assist with the following concerns:

  • Elasticity and/or wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva
  • Painful sensations caused by labial hypertrophy (enlarged labia)
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loosened vaginal canal, especially after childbirth
  • Decrease in sexual interest, pleasure, and self-esteem
  • Stress/urinary incontinence
  • Low blood flow and sensitivity

Are Votiva Treatments Safe?

Yes, Votiva treatments are safe. To ensure added safety, the devices have a temperature sensor coupled with a cutoff feature to control heat and avoid injuring the delicate vaginal tissues. 

Will the Votiva Procedure Hurt?

Votiva is a non-invasive, painless procedure, and most women do not experience discomfort. However, if you have vaginal dryness, you may experience minor discomfort with the insertion of the device. Because Votiva rejuvenation is painless, this treatment is rendered without the use of topical or local anesthesia. 

Would I Make a Good Candidate for Votiva Treatments?

Any woman experiencing the symptoms below can make a good candidate. However, it is generally encouraged that you be at least 21 years old to receive Votiva treatment. You may be a good candidate for Votiva treatment if you have the following:

  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Loss of vaginal tone
  • Stress incontinence 
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Experienced changes in your vaginal tissue due to menopause  

Are There Side Effects From Votiva Treatments?

There are no known side effects of Votiva treatments. It is a safe and effective treatment for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. It also does not affect the size, shape, and development of your pelvic muscles or alter muscle tone. 

The Results of Votiva Treatments in Flushing, NY

The results and benefits of Votiva treatments can include:

  • Corrected external and internal vaginal laxity/vaginal tightening
  • Reduced urinary or stress incontinence
  • Strengthened vaginal tone and muscles
  • Corrected vaginal dryness
  • Improved external appearance
  • Increased sexual sensation and sexual pleasure
  • Boost sexual interest
  • Restores self-esteem and self-confidence

With its short procedure time, minimal downtime, and long-term results, Votiva is an excellent choice for anyone looking to restore their intimate health. If you’re interested in learning more about this revolutionary painless treatment, contact us at Dr. Bronfman Beauty in Flushing, NY.

Together, we can create a plan that works best for your lifestyle and desired outcomes. Start your journey toward restored femininity with Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation in Flushing, NY today!

Medically reviewed by Ida Bronfman, MD

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While most patients have slight discomfort during and immediately after their treatment, there is little to no downtime required. Some patients do not experience any discomfort at all. You will be able to return to normal activities right after your treatment.

You will be asked to abstain from sexual intercourse for the first 72 hours following your treatment. Additionally, you will be asked to refrain from getting into pools, hot tubs, and bathtubs for 3 days after a treatment session.

The number of treatment sessions needed will depend on your treatment concerns, your personal goals, and whether or not you plan to use a combination of treatments or a single treatment approach. After informing Dr. Bronfman of your desires, she will help determine the best treatment plan for you. 

The majority of patients have three treatments. However, many patients notice a significant difference after only one treatment. To see continued results, you may need to schedule annual maintenance treatments.

No, Votiva will not affect your ability to have children in the future. This non-surgical treatment is specialized for women at all stages of life. Whether you have had multiple children already or have yet to become pregnant, this treatment will not have an effect on any future pregnancies.